The Best “Bad” Movies of All Time

This will always be a work in progress. Hyperlinks contain a relatively spoiler-free preview/review for the movie. Movies within each tier are in descending order.

Note: this list does not contain movies that are simply campy or only cheesy, nothing entirely or mostly self aware. For a list of those movies see- The Best “Campy” Movies of All Time. For insight into my criteria, read: What Makes a Movie “Bad” – What Makes a Bad Movie “Good”.

Tier 1: Must Watch

Samurai Cop
Road to Revenge (alternate title: Get Even)
Fateful Findings
The Room
Laser Mission
No Retreat, No Surrender
Miami Connection
Troll 2
Ben & Arthur
Mac and Me

Tier 2: Classic

Warrior of the Lost World
Rock’n Roll Nightmare
Ninja III: The Domination
Iron Warrior
Legion of Iron
Lady Terminator
Counter Destroyer
Fatal Deviation

Tier 3: Less Consistent But Recommended

California Dreaming
Russian Terminator (Russian Ninja)
Shark Attack 3: Megalodon
Superman 4
The Galaxy Invader
W (W is War)
Hercules in New York
For Ur Height Only
Camp Blood
Deadly Prey
High Kicks

Tier 4: More Pain Than Pleasure / Boooooring

Battlefield Earth
Star Trek V
Wicker Man
Eye of the Tiger

Tier 5: Bricks Do Not Tickle / Masochism Required

Robot Holocaust
Twilight (the series)

Tier 666: Suffering / Filth

I Spit on Your Grave



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